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Reviews of 'Westringing'  


"a striking new solo album from the Nairn-based player and prolific tune composer Ian Hardie... The ringing, double-stopped sound is both familiar to anyone acquainted with American music, yet can also give an intriguing new feel to established Scottish material ..."

"... listen to him play a set of Highland pipe tunes, using the same "crosskey" tuning, giving them a new vigour... Opening with the skittish drive of Carn Gorm to Blue Ridge, the album is by no means all hell-for-leather."

"It includes a beautiful version of his air, Tollaidh, and ends with a stately "fiddle pibroch", The Highlands of Nairnshire, its resonant, droning strings mimicking some bagpipe pibroch fingerings, and bringing this wandering music securely back home."
Jim Gilchrist, 'FOLK, JAZZ, ETC'

"We are all familiar with the tales of the migration of the folk tradition across the ‘Western Ocean’. Hardie, a fantastic Scottish fiddle player followed the trail and learned and re-learned his craft in the old time communities of the Blue Ridge Mountains in recent years and from that rebirth he has produced a wonderful album of fourteen instrumental tracks. It opens with the self explanatory ‘Carn Gorm to Blue Ridge’, which is not only a great piece of music but it reminds us of the origin of the Cairngorms title."

"These are not re-hashed traditional tunes. Hardie has composed new works based on his travels and his education in styles of playing. The work will be new and that is always hard to sell, we are addicted to the familiar, but this album is worth the effort and will delight anyone who loves good music well played."

"It may be ‘Karen’s Waltz’ or ‘The Grey One Goes West’ or even ‘Banjo Branch Fiddle’ that hooks you but hooked you will be if you are willing to invest some time in new old music or is that old new music? Either way the unusually titled ‘Westringing’ will repay your effort."
Nicky Rossiter - Irish Music Magazine

"Hardie is a lovely player, with excellent control and expression in his playing.... Westringing is a superb example of a "concept" album that hews closely to its stated theme and delivers in spades. Lovers of good fiddle music will find a lot to like here. (Good notes, art and design, especially for an independent release, too.)"
Gary Whitehouse, Greenmanreview.com, USA, February 2008

“ Very often a so-called ‘solo’ recording is backed by a plethora of other instruments, but this one by ace fiddler Ian Hardie is strictly solo........‘Westringing' is a must for all lovers of fiddle music.”
The Reel Magazine, London, Feb-Apr Edition 2008

" The former Jock Tamson’s Bairns fiddler goes solo on an album that vividly captures the connection between the music that blossomed in Appalachia with the Scots diaspora and its Highland fiddling and bagpiping roots..."
" ... Using altered fiddle tunings and self-accompaniment techniques, he becomes a one-person dance band on sweetly turned waltzes and the more vigorous numbers, while Tollaidh ... conveys thousands of miles of longing"
[ * * * * ] The Herald, Scotland

IAN Hardie is best known as a member of Jock Tamson's Bairns, The Occasionals and The Ghillies, but this solo album features the excellent Nairn-based fiddler in a much less familiar setting ... he employs a range of altered tunings to splendid effect on both fiddle and viola"
[ * * * * ] The Scotsman, Scotland

"Recorded live with no overdubs, backing instruments or studio trickery, this is a solo fiddle album with a difference from the well-respected Scots performer and composer"... "Hardie's own strong compositions join a few old Shetland and Scottish reels, with witty sleeve notes. A must for those interested in our great evolving fiddle tradition."
[ * * * * ] Scotland On Sunday, 13th Jan 08

Other Ian Hardie Reviews & Quotes
"Ian Hardie has written such an unending stream of tunes over the years, one is led to suspect supernatural connections with the rosin for his bow"
Sing Out, USA

"One of Scotland's finest fiddlers"...."all his tunes are impressive"..."the slow airs stand out"..."a milestone for Scottish fiddle music"
Dirty Linen, USA

"so rooted in Scotland's musical tradition that you'll have to remind yourself that all the tunes are of recent vintage and from Hardie's prolific pen"
Sing Out, USA

"his output is prodigious by any standards"..."the quantity is matched by the quality not only in composition but in Hardie's solo fiddle performance"
The Scotsman

"absolutely superb" - The Reel Magazine, England


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